A Wish Upon A Dream

A dream dream't or a fantasy unmasked.
I wish I never know.

A world of Life,
of bliss untold.

Sparkling eyes..
Charming smiles..
Magical hands !

A prayer of I Love You's..
Lyrics spoken.

A wish upon a shooting star
with my Love not distances afar.
A Kiss upon the cheek,
Priceless words he speaks.

The sky looks like my wedding palace,
adorned with lights and a honeymoon.
The birds fly past me singing me a tune,
"Here comes the bride..
here she comes !"
The trees blow me a gentle breeze,
I fall into an embrace, 
spinning on my partner's feet !

I have myself a crush ! 
Love they call it..
what is love ?
If this is love then I'm dreaming ! 

Flaring skirts..heels clicking..
Glasses clanking..spirits mounting.
Its a celebration !

Look around you..
the people you see,
the voices you hear,
the movements you catch,
All part of an organised plan..
A plan made in festive spirits..
to celebrate, to cherish,
to rejoice !
A Divine Planning. 

This is my dream.
This is my Reality.

I hear a sound..
a distant sound
like a fly in my ear.
Could it be music ?
Could it be a whisper ?

A wake up-call.
Its time to wake up.


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