I'm lost in the world I created myself
Lost by the choices I've made, the people I've chosen and the ones I've let go of
As days pass I find myself going deeper, deeper into a world of darkness
The thought of a new day excites me, a change of scenario entices
I yearn to catch a glimpse of the sun through this maze
I long to hear a creature of nature and know I'm not alone

I wander, I keep walking..days turn into weeks, weeks into months and here I am still wandering
And as I walk, I learn.
I've learnt to sharpen tools that once were blunt
I've learnt to strengthen my defenses and protect myself
My armor only grows stronger.
My shield has never been more fierce.

And when I lay awake at night and ponder
My mind is filled with questions and I wonder,
Who am I really running from
What am I really defending myself against
The more my defenses grow the more invisible I become.

I now lay still and wait
I wait for that one person who will see through my invisibility
Someone who will gather tools to break through my wall
And when I see him I will know,
My wandering soul has found it's mate,
And my heart is his to take.

I once was lost but now I'm found,
I can see through the darkness,
I can hear a sound.
We will walk hand in hand, we will surrender
The path unclear, yet together we will wander. 


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